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Thanks for this funny video! Indeed, the music is gone after seeing all your failures x)

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For me, that was a platforming game on the next level! the concept is really nice, it is simple with simple objective and controls. but man, i was frustrated and annoyed (but that was on me) at some point of the game because this game is challenging! 

p.s game starts at 6:09

Thanks for showing the game in your video! I'm sad that you failed to pass the level, I didn't think it was that hard xD


Really cool game! Guys, this would make a great mobile game, even better to play than a PC version. 

I managed to get to the last level, but damn it was hard. Took me about 30min to finish it.

The only thing that I think should be better is the music. It's very cool, but it doesn't loop, so after some time playing, it stops and the game starts to become stressful instead of fun.

But even so, nice work!

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A really nice concept ! The last level is pretty challenging, took me a while to beat. Overall all the levels are well thought. However, I could really use a "skip tutorial" button as I'm tryharding to unlock the secret ending. (also, I don't know if it's on purpose, but a clear way to see how many times you've died and the limit you have to respect to unlock the secret level would be useful)

EDIT : I did unlocked the bonus level on my second full run, and after a lot of tryharding beated in in an unorthodox way :

The game was challenging, fun and the sounddesign and graphisms were good and created a good melancholic/desert atmosphere. I just found a "bug" : after a while, the music ends and don't loop.

Thanks for your feedback, I'll take all that into consideration! And well done for your perseverance, the last level is not easy :o


Nice work! I liked the way you needed to get below a certain amount of deaths to access the bonus level, it added some nice replayability without being too frustrating, since I was able to breeze through the earlier levels after learning the mechanics more and such.


great game! it gave a good challenge and the controls, graphics and audio are all really nice. id be interested to play it with even more block types etc


This is probably the best game I've played in the jam so far and I'm surprised it's not way more popular. The visuals and audio are amazing and it doesn't feel like I'm playing a game made for a jam but a game I payed for! Good job!

Thank you very much for your comment! It's really appreciated!

How do I stop character from going to the opposite direction?

Hi, you have to put a wall in front of him :)

Yeah but I only have a single wall I'm talking level 1 after tutorial level ignorer to save him from falling when I put a block protagonist walks the other way

For the first level, you have to place the block underneath the character while he jumps, as shown in the picture below.