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Rhythm Memories is a 2D game made in 60 hours for the Potat0s Jam #3. The theme was "Perte" (Loss in English).

You're an old man wanting to play his childhood games. Could your old age make you lose your skills?

3 mini-games are proposed in different difficulties during the adventure, a rhythm-like, a space-shooter-like and a runner-like.

Rainbow Beat
Objective : Press the keys at the right time to play the notes on the different lines.
Controls : G, H, J, K to press the different lines.

Space Opera
Objective : Defeat enemy ships coming towards you while dodging their attacks.
Controls : Arrows to move, Space to shoot.

Flying CHIPmunks
Objective : As a fireman, save the squirrels flying through the city.
Controls : Up and Down to move on the ladder, Space to catch a squirrel.

Thank you for testing our game, don't hesitate to leave us a comment and your final score =D


-> Asakha : graphics

-> Asue : programming

-> Oxalotte : musics


-> Spaceships : Master484


_RhythmMemories.zip 32 MB

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