Hello =D

RetroShow is a 2D game made in 72 hours for the Mini Jam 34. The theme was "Balance" and the limitation "2 button controls".

> Press the right key (A or D) when it appears

> You earn or lose money depending on your performance

> Judges can interrupt the prestation if you miss too many times

> The game adjusts to your skill level

I hope you'll enjoy it ^_^


Software / tools used


_RetroShow.zip 21 MB


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I liked the game.
Simple but fitting graphics and challenging gameplay. I guess the challenge arises from the commands appearing on two spots. Really cool idea, well done!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

the concept was a good one, the graphics were simple but did the job,the music and sound effects were fine, but i dont know if i didn't play it enough but i didn't feel like there was a goal, because it doesn't have levels nor a high score to beat,but it was great and i enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you for your feedback =D Indeed for the moment the goal is to look at a positive balance but there are no penalties if this is not the case. Maybe in an update of the game I will add challenges or something else !

Super intéressant le jeu qui s'adapte à ton skill level. 

Le concept est tout simple mais bien réalisé, peut-être un peu trop simple quand on commence, un peu plus de vitesse ça me dérangerait pas :p

Encore bien joué ! :)

Merci beaucoup ! J'ai fait beaucoup de tests pour tenter de trouver la vitesse adéquate au début, afin que ce ne soit ni trop dur ni trop facile, mais à force de tester je ne me rendais plus vraiment compte de la difficulté ahah