Bonjour à tous :)

J'ai réalisé un jeu 2D appelé "Eat Them All" (manger les tous) pour la game jam Pot-au-Jeu 2.0. Le thème était "Métarmorphose".

L'objectif est de manger toutes les pièces et de devenir le plus gros possible :D C'est inspiré du jeu

Bouger le personnage : ZQSD


Hello everyone :)

I made a 2D game called "Eat Them All" for the game jam Pot-au-Jeu 2.0. The theme was "Metamorphosis".

Your objective is to eat all the coins and become as big as possible :D It's inspired by the game

Move the character : WASD



  • Game engine : Unity
  • Character / Environment / UI : Bayat Games
  • Music : Digital Lemonade - Kevin MacLeod (
  • Font : Raymond Larabie
  • Particles : Blackthornprod
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Endless, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 24 MB


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Interesting! I got to 105 and still kept waiting for the character to turn into a butterfly lol. You managed to make the "food" appear only offscreen, which is good!


Ahah you could still wait a long time x) Thank you for testing the game !

You're welcome! Lucky for you, that you have attractive art, which makes people click instantly. It's also nice that the camera zooms out when you grow, and can see more of the screen. Wonder what would happen at 500+ when the whole screen is visible and "food" needs to appear off-screen?

Bon, j'ai été jusque 133. :p

Wow tu devais vraiment être énorme à la fin ahah

Well, I made it to 61. :)

Hey, well done, you've gone further than me ^_^