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Nice take on the theme and you have done a great job of matching your descriptions to the assets you had!

Even though it's obvious all the art is open game art, you made it integrate into the game by describing the characteristics, etc, it's a fun idea, good job! Just be sure when using that much Open Game art again if it needs a link to the art, I think that some of the assets needed to have a link to it and be credited, but good, just keep that in mind, 'Free Assets' isn't enough, or did I miss other credits?


Ooh I thought crediting the authors in the game was enough, I didn't know that I needed to add a link to the asset used, but I can do it for sure :o

Nice idea ^^ The art is awesome, the animations cute =))

Thank you ^_^

Good concept!

Thank you for testing :)

Thanks! It does a play, we're happy!