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Watch Weekly Game Jam 100 Feedback from MrJoshuaMcLean on

The results for this jam got announced! Lucky number 7! :D Congrats! I told you "FASTER" is somewhat unique and people would like it. - write me a mail sometimes, would love to hear from you and your work in the future :)


Congratulations to you, number one ! You deserve it, your game was really great :) We can also stay in touch on Discord if you have it : Asue#4731 ^^

Quick But Awesome! Great Music. Awesome platforming, Very Good Job.

Thank you :D

The jumping controls feel good but landing seems kind of slidey.  The aesthetics are interesting but all the flashing and flickering makes it hard to look at.  The music matched the game well.


Thank you for your feedback :) I'll be careful about the graphic effects next time.

Woah! Amazing artwork and presentation. The aesthetics in this are so cool! The gameplay was pretty good too. I can't say I snagged any highscores, but I did complete all the levels.

Thank you :) The important thing is to have succeeded in completing all levels :p

Really like the art and music, and that shader looks really cool. Platforming was overall pretty solid, though I had a lot of trouble with the moving rotating box on level 2.

Thank you for your feedback ! Yes this platform is a little hard to pass but once you succeed it is even more pleasant !

Level 1: 59.51 + 1 star ; Level 2: 70.43 ; Level 3: 66.93 ; Level 4: 59.15 + 1 star